Coulee Ridge FAQ


When can I start construction of my home?

Construction of homes will commence once registration of title has occurred, and upon completion of the construction completion certificate for each Phase of the development. Builders with approved development and building permits will be free to start construction of homes in Phase 1 in Q3/2020 with occupancy of homes in Q3/2021. The timing of the completion and commissioning of the lift station will impact these dates.

What assurances can you provide that home construction can start in July 2020?

The developer is working collaboratively with the City to select a sanitary lift station that can be built and commissioned in 2021 prior to possession dates of purchasers’ homes, assuming housing construction starts in July 2020. The project schedule allows for homes to start 6 months prior to the commission date of the lift station. To expedite the process, specific service agreements will be put in place for Phase 1, and the Lift Station. A third service agreement will be put in place related to Phase 2 including the proposed biofiltration overlay of the north pond and the development of the south pond and related amenities. The developer has engaged MPE Engineering, an engineering firm that specializes in lift station design and has extensive experience working with the City of Medicine Hat Environmental Utilities Department to expedite the schedule.

When will the road into CR be paved?

South Boundary Road at 10th Avenue is the sole access intersection northbound into Coulee Ridge. The portion of the road between South Boundary Road and the south boundary to Coulee Ridge will be built to the standard of South Boundary Road in Q4/2020. The portion of the road starting from Coulee Ridge Phase 2 up to the north entrance of Phase 1 will be paved with curbs, and a pathway on the east side of the road. This connector road will also be completed by the end of the 2020 construction season (October 31, 2020). This will provide purchasers and visitors finished road access to the development at the earliest possible date. A separate emergency entrance to Coulee Ridge will also be constructed.

When will the amenities be built?

We are working with the City to achieve approvals for an innovative storm pond system that will provide cleaner water than any other storm pond currently within the City. Once the approvals are obtained, we will be finishing the landscaping of the Phase 1 storm pond. We are striving for this work to be completed by October 31, 2020. Layered into these approvals is the construction and landscaping of the Phase 2 amenities and the south pond. Therefore, if all approvals are successful, we are striving to complete construction work on the pond in the fall of 2020 and the landscaping around the pond and for amenities in 2021.

What is the roll out plan for the 2021 construction season?

Our first priority starting in Q2/2020 is connecting the water line in Saamis Heights and extending the offsite water line into Phase 3 of Coulee Ridge. The water line can then be further extended into Phase 1 and Phase 2 as part of lot servicing in 2020. The sanitary force main servicing the development will be trenchlessly installed under 10th Avenue and open cut to the northwest corner where a lift station will be located. On-site services will be installed in Phase 1 including storm, sanitary, water, and shallow services to each lot. Phase 1 surface works including curbs and roads will be installed in Q2/2020.

When is Phase 2 going to be built?

The commencement of construction of Phase 2 is anticipated to begin in Q2/21 as part of the 2021 construction season. The developer may elect to stage the development of Phase 2 depending upon market demand.

When is the sanitary lift station being built and when will it be operational?

Depending upon the types of lift station purchased the construction timeline will vary. The developer is seeking a proven packaged lift station over a conventional lift station with a faster construction timeline. The lift station is forecasted to be completed, commissioned and fully operational in Q1/21 in advance of purchaser occupancy.

What is the timing of the build out of each phase?

The developer has allowed for three years for the build out of each phase for a total of nine years. Initial indications are that each phase may only require two years to complete, for a total of six years. Each phase will be isolated from an access perspective to minimize construction inconvenience and to foster completed phases as early as possible.

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the project build-out of Coulee Ridge?

The developer has intensified activities during the Covid-19 outbreak in order to find safe ways of returning to work once the pandemic has passed. We are working with MJB Enterprises and the City to ensure safe work practices are in place and that the maximum number of construction crews can be applied to the project. We want to be an active part of the economic recovery while staying safe.


Why do I have to install fire suppression sprinklers and why should the City be providing an incentive/subsidy to a private sector developer?

The closest fire station requires approximately 8 minutes and 30 seconds, to reach the boundary of the development. This exceeds the 6 minutes and 20 seconds standard set by the City of Medicine Hat. Fire suppression is considered the best alternative to save lives and property and is aligned with the ‘financial fit’ strategy of the City which is designed to defer capital and operating expenses of a new firehall. Most of the cost is being offset by incentives from the City and the developer. The developer is also investing in infrastructure required to ensure optimal operation of the fire suppression system.

The rationale for offering an incentive to the homeowner is because the capital cost of a fire station is $9.5 million and an annual operating cost of $3 million. The increase in property taxes to pay for the new firehall is estimated at 4.7% per year to all citizens of Medicine Hat. This has been mitigated through the requirement for fire suppression. The benefit of opening Cimarron as a development area will be very financially attractive to the City as the tax base expands. Note that the developer is paying to bring all off-site services to Coulee Ridge and millions of dollars in economic activity is now occurring to develop Coulee Ridge. An incentive from the City when matched by the developer mitigates the costs and is especially attractive to new home buyers.

How do the Architectural Controls address fencing?

The developer requires an architecturally controlled black metal fence, or partial wrought iron fence and gate behind each property facing the coulee or backing onto an amenity. Fences are discouraged however fences, if selected, must not exceed 6’ in height and must only be in the side yard of homes.

Can I put vinyl siding on my house?

No. The development is architecturally controlled to protect and enhance the value of the neighbourhood and purchasers’ investment over time.

Can I park my RV or motorhome on my property?

No. RV’s can only be parked on the driveway of homes for 24 hours to allow for mobilization or demobilization during periods of use.

Do you have sustainability guidelines?

Yes. Builders are encouraged to use sustainability practices to reduce waste, extend the life of their homes and lower operating and total lifecycle costs. We are dedicated to developing distinctive communities that enhance social wellness, placemaking, value gain and environmental resilience. The sustainability guidelines are evolving and are aspirational.


Will I be able to swim in the lake?

The developer is undertaking to demonstrate over time, that the south pond will be safe for people to use as a recreational water source for activities such as: splashing, swimming, fishing, and non-motorized boating. This may require monitoring of the ponds and based upon proven performance, public use of the ponds may be considered.

Will the lake be stocked with fish and can I fish at the lake?

The Developer has worked with the provincial authorities who are in charge of stocking the ponds/lakes in Southern Alberta and they are eager to explore this option further for Coulee Ridge. We are currently collaborating with the City of Medicine Hat and Alberta Environment to develop a program for stocking the south pond/lake with fish each year.

Will the pathways behind the houses be close or far from the home?

Where safely possible the pathways will be set back from the backyards of homes located on the coulee and community amenities.

Will there be access to Cottonwood and Desert Blume golf courses?

The Developer is working with the Cottonwood Golf Course, to develop a plan for golf cart access from Coulee Ridge. Once the concept is agreed to by both parties, we will work with the City of Medicine Hat to obtain the required approvals. The developer is also in discussion with the Desert Blume Golf Course to provide golf privileges and incentives for residents of Coulee Ridge.

Is this a private or public community and who can use the amenities?

Coulee Ridge is a public community and the amenities can be used by citizens of Medicine Hat and the general public. The developer has provided for this by planning substantial amenities that will also provide parking for visitors, while preserving the privacy of homeowners.


What is the minimum size of home I can build in Coulee Ridge?

The home typologies and building envelopes are described in the lot profile section of the website ( and in the Architectural Controls. Coulee Ridge is for everyone and homes along 10th Avenue in Phase 1, 2 and 3 offer smaller lots.

The minimum floor area is the total floor area above grade and does not include attached garages or any basement floor area.

Two Storey 1,800 ft2

Bungalow 1,350 ft2

Modified Bi-Level 1,600 ft2

The modified bi-level square footage calculation includes the entire footprint of the main floor and any living area located on the upper floor. The main floor square footage shall be a minimum of 1,350 ft2 for the modified bi-level homes.

What are the property taxes?

The property taxes depend upon the appraised value of the home. Property taxes are expected to range from $3,600 and up. The City of Medicine Hat has a tax calculator on its website at

Can a first-time home buyer afford to purchase a home in Coulee Ridge?

Yes, depending upon a purchaser’s individual financial situation, a new home buyer can purchase a home in Coulee Ridge for less than $400,000 based on an income of $100,000.