Four reasons to incorporate natural light into your new home

Enjoy the sunshine at Coulee Ridge

Embracing the outdoors and bringing them inside comfortably is something that Coulee Ridge takes very seriously. And thankfully, that’s pretty easy to do in a place like Medicine Hat, which is in Canada’s sunshine belt and is one of the sunniest and warmest places in the country.  The challenge is how to enjoy the sunlight without being subjected to the suns punishing heat in a very arid climate.

“When we first saw the sunscapes pouring over the land at Coulee Ridge, we were inspired to capture it and create a community that takes advantage of all that this special place has to offer,” says Coulee Ridge developer Don Sandford. “From the introduction of winding trails around natural ponds to early morning sunrises flooding your great room or interior courtyard and outdoor living spaces with light, we’ve expertly planned Coulee Ridge so that it offers opportunities to experience nature’s beauty around every corner and to connect it with the design of homes.” 

Our building partners believe in celebrating the environment and incorporating natural light into the homes at Coulee Ridge too.  “With many of us spending more and more time indoors and at home, we need to build homes that take advantage of Medicine Hat’s sunshiny days, not just for architecture aesthetics, but for overall health and happiness of residents,” says Don. Our focus is on leveraging the natural sunshine and fresh air and mitigating the accompanying heat and wind so families can use their outdoor living spaces longer and benefit from sunlight all year round. The layout of Coulee Ridge is specifically designed to not only provide a reprieve from oppressive heat but also optimizes the configuration and orientation of homes on properties for protection from the sun, wind and the elements.

Incorporating natural light into your home can have as significant positive impacts for your life as fresh air ventilation or ergonomically designed kitchens and workspaces. As you begin to plan building or looking for a new home, we believe natural light must be a priority—here’s why.

Natural light in the home improves your sleep and circadian rhythm

The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal alarm clock. This natural cycle, which spans about 24 hours, helps you feel physically and mentally alert and lets you know when you should be going to bed and when you should wake up in the morning. When your circadian rhythm is off—like when you experience jet lag—the impacts on your health are tremendous.

Exposure to sunlight is key to regulating your circadian rhythm, and the top disrupter of your circadian rhythm is too much artificial blue light and lack of sunlight. Incorporating large windows in high-traffic areas of the home, like the kitchen and bedrooms will help you get enough sunlight so your internal alarm clock stays on time.

Natural light can save you money on heat and energy

It might be obvious, but it’s still worth saying. Strategic natural lighting through south facing windows or sun tunnels in rooms where windows are not a feasible option, like closets, entryways or laundry rooms, means you can lessen the flipping of light switches and turning on the furnace. You’ll see a decrease in your power bill and increase in the sustainability of your home.

Natural light increases vitamin D in your body

Most Canadians are low on vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium and the growth and maintenance of strong bones as well as supporting your immune system. But thanks to Medicine Hat’s 300+ days of sunshine, we don’t have to be vitamin D deficient. Just 10 to 30 minutes of mid-day sunlight per day can help your body make more vitamin D. With spacious yards and outdoor living spaces and an extensive trail network outside your door, getting outside to get your daily dose of sunshine is easy and enjoyable at Coulee Ridge.

Natural light increases your homes value

While real estate is still about location, access and community appeal, the treatment of lighting in design and its impact on wellbeing is an increasingly greater factor when choosing a home. Nothing makes us or our homes look or feel better than natural light. Large windows with lots of natural light increase the value of a home and make it more marketable in the future. So if you ever plan to move to sell your home, light can play a big role in making your home desirable.

Want to learn more about embracing the sunshine at Coulee Ridge? Contact us and we’ll give you a tour and connect you with our team of builders so you can start planning your dream home.