First Home Under Construction at Coulee Ridge

Kenco homes has started digging at Coulee Ridge

We’ve hit another milestone at Coulee Ridge—the first basement is being excavated in the development! Premium local builders Kenco Construction are the first ones to start digging of the more than 10 builders currently building in Coulee Ridge.

We asked Ken Nielsen of Kenco Construction what the best part of Coulee Ridge and he had one key takeaway. It’s all about the views. “We love building unique homes in an area that will take advantage of the views that Medicine Hat has to offer. On the lot that we are digging on now, we’re lucky because we get to enjoy the view of one of Coulee Ridge’s ponds as well as the coulees.”

Ken says Coulee Ridge brings something new to our community, and the integration of the land and lifestyle sets Coulee Ridge apart. “Coulee Ridge offers something we haven’t had in Medicine Hat before. We’re building on distinct land for the area, and the combination of ponds, coulees and the trail network will make it easy to enjoy life in Coulee Ridge.”