Four reasons you should start planning your Coulee Ridge home now

Join us in Medicine Hat's first resort-like lake and coulee community

You’ve likely heard before that the winter months are the off-season for real estate and everyone is hibernating until the spring, but not at Coulee Ridge. We’re working to bring Medicine Hat’s best community to life everyday, rain, sun or snow.

Because we’re always on at Coulee Ridge, we’ve been able to make a lot of exciting progress in 2020, and we are heading into an even more exciting 2021, as we welcome our first residents to their new homes this fall.

If you want to take advantage of Medicine Hat’s best community, now is the time to start planning your home at Coulee Ridge, and here are four key reasons why.

Record-low interest rates

One of the few highlights from 2020 is record-setting low interest rates. The Bank of Canada slashed interest rates in response to the slowing economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Low interest rates encourage borrowing and investing to help stimulate the economy, which is currently on track in its recovery efforts, and the new COVID-19 vaccine is adding a positive boost to our economy as well.

Start your planning now to lock in a low interest rate on your mortgage, so you can benefit from these interest rates during our economic recovery.

Get to your lifestyle, now

Home is not just where the heart is anymore—it’s where your entire life is—and making your home work for your life is more important than ever before.

“People are realizing we aren’t going back to the way things were pre-COVID, so many of us are wanting to live in a house that we truly want to be in. People may need their homes to work for them as offices, or home gyms or they may just need more square footage with everyone staying home. We shouldn’t want to escape from our homes, our homes should be the escape.” says Coulee Ridge Developer Don Sandford.

With a variety of lot sizes and profiles and our team of expert builders, you can build your dream home that fits your lifestyle now and into the future.

Protect your home and your family with fire suppression

We’re proud to be Medicine Hat’s first and only community with fire suppression built into our homes. Coulee Ridge is Medicine Hat’s first NFPA Standard 13D community, making it the most fire protected neighbourhood in the city.

Our modern fire suppression sprinkler system uses less water, causes less water damage, is un-intrusive, requires no increase or duplication of a service line, and most importantly can detect and put out fires immediately, protecting your home and family from any potential fire damage.

Not only does our fire suppression system keep your home safe, it makes sense economically too. Fire suppression systems increase the resale value of your home and you may be eligible for a reduction in home insurance and a $5,000 incentive from the City of Medicine Hat and Coulee Ridge. Learn more about our fire suppression system in our Architectural Controls Guidelines.

Be the first to enjoy resort-style amenities and views

Home construction has already started in Coulee Ridge, with home owners expected to move into their homes this fall. By starting your planning now, you’ll have the most options for building your dream home and will be among the first to experience our resort-style amenities and breath taking views, including an extensive Coulee trail network and peaceful sustainable ponds. Construction on our amenities will begin in Month with residents first experiencing our extraordinary Coulee Ridge amenities by Month.

Get started now and beat the rush of people looking in the traditional on-season so you can experience all that Coulee Ridge has to offer in 2021. Contact us to start your planning today.